We had to wake up very early on Monday because we had to meet Mr Lochthove and Mrs Skiba at the Duesseldorf Airport at 4 o’ clock (!) Our flight took off at about 6:30 am (German Time) and we arrived at 6.45 am (British Time) in London.



After 2 long hours in the bus, we finally arrived at our hotel. We were tired but we went out to discover a little bit of London. It`s a great city with uncountable sights.




The second day began. Our aim was to discover a bit more of London. We went by Underground or we walked. We visited many museums in those 4 days.

The teachers who have acrophobia were not that happy when half of the class told them: "Wir wollen hoch in die Kuppel der St. Pauls Cathedral”. So we had to walk up, up and a little bit higher. But it was worth it. London was very beautiful from up there.



Not as high as the Cathedral but still high was the Tower Bridge. It looks great and many many photos were taken. We visited sights after sights and there was a phenomenal sight just next to the Tower: The Tower of London. 

London_13 London_21 London_35


Our Guide told us scary and cruel storys about the Tower and its history. We learned nearly everything about the most terrible torture methods which were done in the Tower. But there were also “good” things in the Tower like the Crown Jewels. They were very expensive and we were not allowed to take pictures.

Also expensive was Harrods. The big mall in London. There were many shops and clothes.

We also visited Oxford Street 2 times. So if you like shopping, London is the right place for you. Not only for shopping but for nearly everything…


London_61 London_69 London_70
London_110 London_124 London_54

(Birthe und Clement, 9c)