Mail-Exchange Programme between OP & Ferny Grove State High School

In year nine, the beautiful country Australia is dealt with as one of many interesting topics in class.

Therefore, we luckily managed to get Ferny Grove State High School as mail-exchange partner for one of our classes. The students get to know each other by character profiles, pictures which show themselves, their favourite places or their school or even by self-made videos.

Usually, the German students write their mails in English, whereas the Australian students reply in German, even though their German is not very good yet, which is why they are sometimes allowed to write something in English too. Some partners have also exchanged mobile numbers or social media data so that they can also keep contact in their free time.

Here are some impressions:

Dear Sxxx,                                                                                                                       14.09.2020


how are you? I am fine.

Today I will give you some information about my hometown and my favourite places.

My favourite places are near the ”Ruhr.” It is a river in my city (Mülheim).

Mülheim an der Ruhr is a pretty old town. It is the only city nearby with a river floating through the whole city.

I love it. You can chill along the Ruhr or sit at the water station and enjoy a cold drink. Also, you can drive along the shore with a bike. There are cafés next to the river.

Sometimes I also go to cinema, Mc Donald’s and to the malls with my friends.


All that is possible in Mülheim an der Ruhr, in the west of the Ruhr region.

I told you that Mülheim is an amazing city with many old and new attractions. What are your favourite places?


Goodbye and all the best,


Ps: Maybe you like to give me your phone number so we can write via whatsapp or any other social media contact 😊

Liebe Mxxx,


wie geht es dir? Was machst du so?

Ich gehe in die Ferny Grove State High School und ich wohne in Mt Samson. In Mt Samson gibt es eine große Halle (für Hochzeiten usw.), eine Schule und eine Kinderbetreuung. Mein Hobby ist Pferdereiten und ich habe ein Pferd. Ihr Name ist Penny. Ich habe einen Hund, der heißt Coco.

Wo wohnst du? Wo triffst du dich mit deinen Freunden? Kannst du bitte ein Foto von deinem Pferd schicken?

Ich freue mich schon auf deine Email! Bis bald und freundliche Grüße von Kxxx.

Hello Kxxx,


I’m fine. How are you?

I live near a forest in a quiet area. Normally, I like show jumping but now I do horse racing, because my parents work there and I think it’s cool. Unfortunately, I can’t ride my horse anymore, because he is too old, but I think it’s better for him.

My favourite place in my small city, Mülheim an der Ruhr, is the horse racing track. I can chill there and I also have a lot friends there. My coach is also very nice. I think it’s cool that I can always go there and in the school vacation, I also can ride there every day.

Can you send me a photo of you and a photo of your horse? Do you go to competitions with your horse?


Have a nice day!! 🙂

Bye, Mxxx