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Make your own Christmas card

You need:

a copy of the picture below



a sheet of stained paper (Buntpapier)

crayons / coloured pencils

maybe some glitter

Here are some ideas:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Happy holidays!

We wish you a glittery, sparkly and joyous Christmas!

May Christmas bring joy to your heart and happiness to your home!

Here is what you do:

1) Print the picture.

2) Colour the Christmas card:

  • the Christmas tree: green
  • the stars: yellow or golden
  • the holly leaves: green
  • Santa‘s hat: red and white
  • the sock: green and red
  • for the balls and the presents you can choose colours you like

3) Cut it and glue it on a sheet of stained paper.

4) Maybe decorate it with some glitter.

5) Write your Christmas wishes on the back.

6) Send / give your card to someone you like.

This is what it could look like:

You also can listen to a song about English at our school.

Click here: „Everyone can sing in English“

At our school you can take part in a club to prepare for the Cambridge Assessment.

Flyer sind auf Anfrage erhältlich.

Email project with Coffman High School in Ohio/ USA –  8c/9b/9d

At the beginning of the corona time we got the task from our class teacher Mrs. Wurring to exchange emails with students assigned to us from Coffman High School, Grizzell Middle School, Dublin, Ohio, to inform each other about the corona virus and get to know each other.

We learned a lot of interesting things about our email partners and about the city they live in. We learned that Dublin was  named after an Irish settler´s hometown in Ireland/ Europe and is well known for hosting the PGA Memorial Golf tournament each year in late May or early June. Our emailpartners told us that  Ohio was also called Buckeye state because the state tree is called a Buckeye. The state bird is a cardinal.

The assignment we were given consisted of three main parts, which we had to work on in each email and which the students from Ohio also received. After the tasks, a few of us stayed in contact with our email partners and still are. We really enjoyed this email project and we were able to improve our English and the students from Ohio their German. We also learned a lot about the US culture.  We would definitely do an email project again!

By Lilly (8c)

Click here to get more information.

Mail-Exchange Programme between

In year nine, the beautiful country Australia is dealt with as one of many interesting topics in class.

Therefore, we luckily managed to get Ferry Grove State High School as mail-exchange partner for one of our classes. The students get to know each other by character profiles, pictures which show themselves, their favourite places or their school or even by self-made videos.

Usually, the German students write their mails in English, whereas the Australian students reply in German, even though their German is not very good yet, which is why they are sometimes allowed to write something in English too. Some partners have also exchanged mobile numbers or social media data so that they can also keep contact in their free time.

Click here to get some impressions.

Weitere Informationen zum Unterrichtsfach Englisch (z. B: Lehrpläne) finden Sie hier.

Danke an die Schüler:innen der Klassen 5b und 5c für den Englisch-Song!